New (for me) way to Lose Weight

Yesterday, I started a way to lose weight that’s got to be real. It’s called counting calories. I’m allowed 1,350 calories per day if I want to lose 1 pound per week.

Yesterday’s intake consisted of:

Breakfast: coffee (almond milk added), Cheerios with almond milk – 160 calories
Snack: 4 almonds with 4 cherries – 100 calories
Lunch: 2 cups green peas – salt, pepper & fresh garlic – 200 calories
After Work Outing: 2 lite beers – 192 calories
Dinner: 1 lite beer with 1/4 cup tomato juice, sauteed pak choy, garlic, leeks, a serrono pepper, lettuce in very hot veg oil (1T). Then added 1 t ses. oil, soy sauce & a little nutritional yeast) spread over 1/2 cup of brown rice – 447 calories
TOTAL: approx. 1,100 – walked 2 miles

Last night, I made some Cauliflower Hummus from the great cookbook,Veganomicon. This hummus is lower fat than regular hummus. When we get a little more basil from the garden, I’m going to make some Edamame Pesto. This Pesto is also lower fat since it’s made with edamame instead of pine or walnuts.


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